Over the past week, many have been waiting with baited breath, watching as Hurricane Lee grows and wanes in strength, and zig zags up the East coast. And while Lee is well north of Florida by now, it may impact travel this week.

The latest news says that Hurricane Lee is expected to make landfall this weekend in Nova Scotia, Canada. And while the hurricane remains a Category 3 storm, it’s likely to hit land as a tropical storm.

As of today, Lee is beginning to turn away from the northern Caribbean, leaving big waves in its wake, and prompting forecasters to issue a tropical storm warning for Bermuda, entailing heavy winds and rain over the next 24 hours. Those in the Lesser Antilles, British and U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, Bermuda and some parts of the southeast coast of the United States are likely to experience dangerous surf and rip currents.

Lee should significantly weaken as it continues north over cooler waters. “Slow weakening is forecast during the next few days, however Lee is likely to remain a large and dangerous hurricane into the weekend,” says the National Hurricane Center. “Lee’s expected post-tropical transition will not diminish potential wind, rain and coastal flooding impacts in New England and Atlantic Canada due to the system’s broad wind field.”

Much can change when it comes to hurricanes, but unless otherwise warned, travel within the mainland U.S. should proceed as normal. Reach out now so we can help you plan your next business trip or holiday — our experienced drivers may not drive in a hurricane, but they are eager and able to get you to your destination, safely and on time.

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